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5 Simple and Easy Macarons Recipe

Macarons is a French confectionery treat. The world loves it for the flavor and taste. Macarons are therefore taught in most baking classes as well. Just looking at these can make you feel like preparing it at home. But you don’t have to stick to just one macarons recipe. There are many varieties to it. In this article, we’ll describe 5 easy Macarons recipe you can prepare at home.

Basic French Macarons Recipe

Easy French Macarons Recipe
5 Simple and Easy Macarons Recipe

This is the most popular and easy macarons recipe you can prepare at home. This requires basic ingredient and minimal experience. If you have no idea how to prepare a macaron, this is a good place to start. And above all, it looks fanciful and taste just like an authentic macaron should. This French version will set the benchmark and allow you to compare other variants for yourself.

To prepare this recipe, you’d need:

  • 2/3 cup of ground almonds
  • 1.5 cup of powdered sugar
  • 3-4 large egg white, aged up to 3 days
  • 4 tbsp granulated sugar
  • 1.5 tbsp vanilla

Steps to Prepare

To prepare Basic French macarons at home, preheat the oven to 280 degrees F and prepare the racks with baking sheets.

Grind your almond course with powdered sugar in a processor. Pass the mixture through a mesh sieve to remove lumps.

Now take the egg whites in a bowl and beat on medium-high. Once eggs become frothy, add in granulated sugar gradually and keep mixing. It’s time to take the almond mixture and prepare the shells. Use a silicone spatula for it.

Now pour the mixture into baking sheets and bake for 15-18 minutes. Open the oven in the first 2-3 minutes to allow water vapor to escape. Take the macarons out and let it cool.

Blueberry Cheesecake Easy Macarons Recipe

Blueberry Cheesecake Macarons
5 Simple and Easy Macarons Recipe

You can prepare the blueberry version of Egg macarons. The recipe is more or less the same. The difference is that you add rich blueberries to it. Also you’d need to get the cheesecake extract. After it is ovened properly, you should store it in an air-tight container. Or else, refrigerate them for few days which allows them to mature properly.

The blueberry cheesecake version tastes richer than the basic French version. But it will depend on what your personal taste and liking are.

Creme Brulee Macarons

Easy Brulee Macarons Recipe
5 Simple and Easy Macarons Recipe

This is actually a two-in-one dish. It combines French macarons and French Cream Brulee into one single treat! Therefore, it’s value is more than the two mentioned above. In this recipe, marcons shells are wrapped around by crispy bruleed sugar top. While in the center, the bean buttercream waits to be savored on.

Eggnog Easy Macarons

Eggnog Macarons
Image Credit: Cake and Allie

This is another 2-in-1 recipe we have for you. In this version, macarons co-exist with eggnog to form a delicious retreat. But as per our experience, these require additional skill level to bake. You’ll have to go through few trials and errors to get the perfect Eggnog Macarons. The trick is to get the flavorings right. Both the outer shell and inner buttercream fillings need to have the exact eggnog flavor. Something here and there will ruin this recipe.

Coffee and Nutella Macarons

Coffee and Nutella Macarons
5 Simple and Easy Macarons Recipe

The Coffee and Nutella variant is by far our favorite Macarons version. The hard macaron shells have a rich coffee filling and a layer of Nutella spread. So if you’re a coffee lover, then you can prepare this at home. This goes well with beverages like coffee or tea. The bitter toasty richness is something to look for. All the process remains the same.

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