Bread Pudding Takes 45 Minutes in the Kitchen

making bread pudding

Bread pudding is a favorite summer treat of many people. It’s a dessert that is both delicious and healthy. Some even say that you must bake the bread before serving it. If you’re making bread pudding, they say you must preheat the oven. Another great idea is to allow the pudding to sit for a few minutes before actually baking it in the pan.

If you are making bread pudding for the first time, you may be nervous about what the dish is really all about. You can alleviate your fears if you consider the ingredients before you begin. One thing you need to understand before making bread pudding is that it needs to be refrigerated after making. Otherwise, the dish will become flat and boring.

Making Bread Pudding

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There are several different versions of this classic southern dessert. Each has its own unique recipe and flavor. Some people add raisins to their recipe, while others prefer to skip the raisins and use white bread. Many people also like to change up the flavors by making a version that calls for vegetable pudding. While you can find different recipes for making bread pudding with different flavors, you can also find versions that follow the more traditional recipe.

To make bread pudding, you’ll first need to gather some ingredients. You’ll need cooked white bread, a can of condensed milk, and sour cream if you are using it in the recipe. You’ll also need some strawberries to top your baked puddings. For an easy way to make fruit salad, simply soak the strawberries in water and mix them together until smooth.


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When you have all of these things ready, you’re ready to start your recipe. The first step is to get your measuring cups and spoons. You will need both measuring cups and tablespoons when making bread pudding. It is much easier to measure out the dry ingredients into the liquid than it is when making a recipe where you are using the liquid to measure out the dry ingredients. Next, you will want to mix all of the dry ingredients together, but be sure that you don’t mix too much of one ingredient into the other.

Now you will want to start to mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. When mixing, be sure to mix in about two inches of water at a time. Also, it helps to use a paddle attachment on your mixer. This will make the process of mixing the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients a little easier to do.

Making Process

Once the wet mixture is mixed, you will want to add the dry mixture and the vanilla extract. Mix until completely combined. It will take approximately two minutes to mix the mixture completely. Once you have finished this step of the process, you can now cook your pudding by placing the mixture into a large bowl and heating it up to approximately 150 degrees.

Once your bread pudding has baked for about ten to fifteen minutes, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool off. You may want to place it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh until the next day. Once you have chilled off, you will want to clean up your homemade bread pudding by cutting it into wedges. Then you can serve it just like it is or with a nice garnish of your choice.

If you are looking for a nice way to serve your pudding, you can always put the finished pudding into a bowl and add some milk. For a nice flavor, you may want to add some sugar as well. If you do not have any milk, you can use any type of sweetener that you prefer. The sugar will give the pudding a little bit of a sugary taste. You will be able to determine how much sugar you need to add based on how thick your pudding is.


Now that you have completed these steps, you are ready to get started on your recipe. Bread pudding is supposed to be served after the dessert is digested, but it will actually taste better the longer that you cook it. Making the pudding the night before will ensure that you have enough eggs and whipping cream to mix the pudding. The longer that you bake bread pudding, the fluffier it becomes. Therefore, you will want to avoid making the pudding too early in the day as it will become dry and start to harden.

Bottom Line

There are a couple of different ways that you can bake bread pudding. One way is to use a traditional stovetop oven. The other is to use an oven that is preheated to allow the baking process to happen quickly. Either way, you will find that making bread pudding takes just about 45 minutes in total, although this depends upon the thickness of the pudding that you end up making.

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