Healthy Cheesecake Recipe With Greek Yogurt -

Healthy Cheesecake Recipe With Greek Yogurt

healthy cheesecake recipe

Miniature tasty cheesecakes have become something of a passion for many people over the last few years. They taste great and are very healthy. The healthy taste comes from the healthy ingredients used. Several different cheesecakes can be made in a mini casserole dish. This article will discuss how to make a mini cheesecake recipe for your family and yourself. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is and the benefits you get from eating healthy snacks.

Miniature Healthful Cheesecakes

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This healthy cheesecake recipe was created by someone who used low-fat cottage cheese. He or she substituted half of the cream with skim milk and also covered half of the cottage cheese for whole milk. This healthy cheesecake recipe turned out so well that the person who created it had just bought cottage cheese, so they did not know what to do with it yet.

Healthy Cheesecakes

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With a Cottage Cheese Filling One of the reasons I think this particular healthy cheesecake recipe tastes so good is the cottage cheese filling that is included. This filling adds a lot of flavor and texture to the dessert. There are several ways to add flavors to the dessert, but this one contains a simple cream cheese that adds a nice texture and flavor.

Healthy Cheesecakes Are Low In Sugar

Another reason this healthy cheesecake recipe is delicious is that it is loaded with low-sugar ingredients. When we talk about sugar, we are talking about very refined and processed white sugar. Surprisingly, this type of sugar is even healthier than what you find in cakes. Even with the lower sugar content, this sweet treat does not have many calories either. If you count the number of calories in all of the ingredients that go into a cake, you will probably find that you can safely eat a serving of this dessert without feeling any guilt whatsoever.


Nutrition as far as food goes, this healthy cheesecake recipe has about the same number of calories as many cupcakes. However, there is no significant amount of fat or cholesterol associated with this dessert. Therefore, it is considered a healthy option for dessert if your goal is to lose weight or keep your weight down. Also, it has only two calories per serving, so you do not consume an excessive number of calories through this dessert either.

A Word About Cholesterol

This healthy cheesecake recipe is loaded with healthy ingredients, but the one thing that stands out the most is that it has zero grams of fat. This means that you will enjoy the delicious taste of this dessert without worrying about unnecessary amounts of fats being consumed. There are very few desserts with zero grams of fat in them, so this is a significant accomplishment for any dieter. Another important fact about this dessert is that it contains more calcium than any other dessert type. Calcium is an important nutrient essential for strong bones and teeth, so you should make sure that you are always keeping your body nourished adequately.

The Benefits of Using High-Quality Ice Cream Base

This delicious dessert uses a high-quality ice cream base, which provides the creamy, smooth texture that cheesecakes are known for. It also contains just over five calories per serving, which is the lowest of any dessert out there. However, since the ice cream base is not that healthy, you may wonder what other nutritional benefits this dessert has. Here is a list of some of the services that you may derive from enjoying this dessert:

Final Tip

Adding some Greek yogurt to the topping can significantly reduce the number of calories per serving. In addition, since yogurt is also a good source of calcium, this will provide many health benefits to your body, including lowered risks for osteoporosis and bone loss. So, if you are looking to enjoy the Mediterranean diet’s healthy recipes, you may want to try this delicious recipe with Greek yogurt. Not only will you feel great about eating it, but you can feel good about losing weight as well.

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