Secrets Behind the Nectar-Based Cookie Recipe -

Secrets Behind the Nectar-Based Cookie Recipe

nestle toll house cookie recipe

The best chocolate chip cookie recipe around has always been and always will be the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe! You’ve probably heard all about how great it is and how addictive they are, but how can you make them better? Are there any other secrets that they use that you could add to the mix? Keep reading to find out and unlock the Nestle Toll House Cookie Monster for yourself!

You Will Need

Two cups of flour, three packages of sugar, three egg yolks, two cups of sugar (brown), two tablespoons of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of vanilla, a pinch of salt, and half a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips or chocolate candy. In a bowl, stir all of your ingredients together until they are completely blended. Then take your measuring cup and break the eggs into smaller pieces. Now, in a microwave safe bowl, combine all of your dry ingredients except for the chocolate chips and pour them into your mixer. Once everything is blended, let it rest for about ten minutes so that your mixture will set and then you can start off with your cookies!

With this amazing Nestle Toll House cookie recipe, you really don’t have to spend much of your cooking time at the kitchen table. Even though the dough is pre-made, you can still whip it up at home for your own home use. It even comes with a recipe card for you! All you have to do is mix the wet ingredients together and then roll it out until it is fully formed. After that, you just put it into your cookie pan and you are ready to bake away!

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As you can see, this recipe includes not only the traditional chocolate chips, but also the famous marshmallows. Yes, these two ingredients go hand in hand for these cookies. The chocolate chips can be melted by the microwave and then the marshmallows can be added for a delicious treat. This kind of combination is usually used only for certain types of cookies, but in this case, both are used to provide an extra chocolate flavor. However, the chocolate chips are more commonly utilized in these cookies due to the fact that they are easier to find, and most likely to be found at your local grocery store.

This Nestle Toll House Cookie Recipe also includes an ingredient called “baking soda”. What is baking soda? Simply put, baking soda is a powdered substance which can be found in any type of baking powder. This powdered substance is used as a cleanser for doughs, especially for tough cookies where ingredients might be missing.

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The ingredients used in this version of the original recipe include both white and brown sugar. Both of these are important in creating cookies which taste great and are not too heavy on the stomach. Next, you have the cocoa powder, molasses, milk and eggs. This is followed by vegetable oil, powdered sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and baking soda. The last two ingredients help to thicken the batter, which makes them less likely to mix with the wet ingredients.

Last Words

After the mixture comes to the boiling point, it is best to cover the mixing bowl with the cooked dough. You will let the mixture cool down for about five minutes so that it will firm up a bit. Once you have completed the cooling process, you can now make a batch of cookies that are covered in either butter or margarine. The secret to creating these cookies is to make sure that you cover the bottom of the dough with the margarine first, and allow the butter to soften up a bit before covering the second side of the dough with the chocolate chips. Once the cookies are cooled and set, you can now enjoy one of the most famous chocolate chip cookie recipes in the world.

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